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Ilegal Music Series


In 2013, when we launched the Ilegal music series in New York, we wanted to create the same community & environment that Café No Sé, the birthplace of Ilegal, had provided to so many musicians. The series has since expanded to several iconic locations across the USA including the surf lodge (Montauk) and Harvard & Stone (LA). as a result Ilegal mezcal and it’s team have become fixtures in the live music scene and been a part of launching several bands careers.

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Ilegal Gallery Series


Curated by Ilegal Mezcal’s Marketing Manager Matthew Green, and Brand Team Director Kaylan Rexer, the Ilegal Gallery Series aims to create a genuine, unique approach to their exhibitions, by establishing a sense of community through the shared personal experience of art. This environment provides a platform for the art to speak for itself, and allows the artist to fully benefit from the profits of their work.

Ilegal’s West Village home, the historic Perry Street Theatre, showed its last gallery exhibition in Fall 2018. The Ilegal Gallery series will find a new home in Brooklyn in 2019.

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Organizations We Support

Thank you for supporting our events, buying our merch and helping us

raise $50,000+ for these amazing organizations!

Planned ParenthoodShare Our Strength
Niños de Guatemala Casa Sotaventina Music Program
Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project National Center for Transgender Equality
Stand With Standing Rock Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Lead Up Antigua GuatemalaEducational Scholarships in Guatemala
Earthquake Relief OaxacaHurricane Harvey Relief
Los Patojos Jocotenango Guatemala Volunteer Support
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Letter from the Founder, John Rexer

We believe that at the door of your business your values should be exemplified and defended.

Ilegal Mezcal — the company — was founded in Guatemala.  Ilegal Mezcal — the liquor — is made in Oaxaca, Mexico by Oaxaqueños. The company is comprised of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Mexican Americans, an El Salvadoran American, a Venezuelan, an Ecuadorian, New Yorkers, Californians, an Alabamian, a Philadelphian … people from an array of ethnicities, cultures, and sexual orientations. We live, work, and play across borders.

We are too keenly aware of the issues of immigration, the refugee crisis, gender discrimination, racism and xenophobia.  These issues impact us, our friends, and our relatives. 

Demonizing groups of people will not solve any of this. Nor will building walls, whether brick by brick or sound bite by sound bite. Violence is certainly not the answer.  Finding commonality, exercising compassion, sharing an other’s custom, fighting for human dignity, engaging in civil discourse — these are good first steps.

Since the company began we have supported and contributed to a number of groups working to affect social change for the better. Below are some organizations that we are supporting to address humane immigration policy and gender equality.

Through the profits of our shop and fundraising efforts, Ilegal has donated $9,000 to Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project and The National Center For Transgender Rights. Thank you for your support.


John Rexer and The Entire Ilegal Mezcal Gang

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American Mandala by Don Patron



The posters and graffiti I chose to recapture and preserve for American Mandala are heavily altered cryptograms. They are the manifestation of the images drastic change from their original state of display due to Weather , Human interaction , and mechanical systems all collaborating within the art that is chosen for exhibition.

The Depth capacity of these displayed illusory forms are a reflection of society’s archetype and psyche. These images express the corresponding rhythm of structure, the commonality of mankind, and that which has the resilience to endure from that which fades in energy and passes.

The sacred still exists in the choreography of our city, upon its ever changing hieroglyphic surfaces, life in urban settings survives in the consistent movement of energy resurfacing as mandalas that will and will not be, a testament to our own shifting impermanence.

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5 Best Smoky Mezcals

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This delectable dram is dry and robust, with wafts of smoke on the finish that coat your throat. Another unaged offering, this bottling is best enjoyed neat. While it works in cocktails—and was technically designed to be used in them—we find that its peppery, wet stone complexities are best represented when there’s nothing else to distract from them.