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A Flight For Survival

As a company we believe in supporting impartial and independent journalism that captures the human element and full story. For this reason, we will be funding Comvite’s projects on a quarterly basis.

This short documentary tells the story about the challenges that Scarlet Macaws have in Northern Guatemala.

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Bananas of Wrath

As a company we believe in supporting impartial and independent journalism that captures the human element and full story. For this reason, we will be funding Comvite’s projects on a quarterly basis.

Over the past several months, thousands of migrants from Central America have been walking en masse towards the United States-Mexico border in search for a better life.

Migrant caravans aren’t really a rare occurrence; there have been reports of informal, self-organized groups traveling to the United States as early as 2010. There have also been smaller caravans organized by Mexican advocacy groups to draw attention to the struggle of Latin American asylum-seekers. However, this one is different than all the previous ones.

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Surviving Purgatory

As a company we believe in supporting impartial and independent journalism that captures the human element and full story. For this reason, we will be funding Comvite’s projects on a quarterly basis.

The eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala on March 6, 2018, left hundreds dead and many more searching for their loved ones. A year after the eruption, these are the stories of some of the survivors.

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Across Borders. Across Genders.


Currently there are approximately 5,500 unaccompanied migrant children, in 34 shelters across Texas. Many, from El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico are escaping deprivation and extreme violence, often gang-related and fueled by the drug trade.

If you’re looking for ways to support these thousands of migrant children, consider donating to the organizations below.


The Trump administration is considering a new proposal to narrowly define “sex,” a shift that could upend the rules and programs for transgender people in America. The Human Rights Campaign, a prominent LGBTQ rights group, said the proposal was part of a “consistent, multi-pronged campaign by the Trump-Pence White House over the past two years to undermine the rights and welfare of LGBTQ people.”

To support and defend transgender rights, considering donating to the National Center for Transgender Equality, linked below.

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Organizations We Support

Thank you for supporting our events, buying our merch and helping us

raise $50,000+ for these amazing organizations!

Planned ParenthoodShare Our Strength
Niños de Guatemala Casa Sotaventina Music Program
Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project National Center for Transgender Equality
Stand With Standing Rock Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Lead Up Antigua GuatemalaEducational Scholarships in Guatemala
Earthquake Relief OaxacaHurricane Harvey Relief
Los Patojos Jocotenango Guatemala Volunteer Support
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The Facts


An agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation, adaptation, and finance. 195 nations agreed that efforts should be made to keep the planet’s warming limited to a 1.5-degree-Celsius rise in the hope of staving off the impacts of historic rainfall events, mega-droughts, and the melting of colossal ice sheets. The U.S. is the only country opposed to the agreement, with President Trump announcing he’d withdraw from the accord in 2017.


If emissions continue to rise at current rates, we have roughly a decade before we pass the 1.5°C tipping point and face climate breakdown. This will cause mass extinctions of wildlife and devastation to humanity. We need to implement rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising.

This is the conclusion of The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2018 Report. It is also the conclusion of numerous other scientific associations.


Climate Change is affecting and will affect you no matter your political or religious beliefs. It will not recognize borders or walls. Massive action needs to be taken by all countries, if we are to limit the planet’s warming. The US must be a leader on this issue and change its current policies.

Individual actions are important but must be combined with larger structural changes. More than anything else we need to make the 2020 elections about climate change.

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Love Your Neighbor. Love Your Planet.

Yeats wrote this just after WWI, as a mournful comment on the lack of action taken against the impending rise of Fascism. This line feels quite relevant today when it comes to Climate Change.

We are all aware of the wildfires in California, the devastation in Haiti caused by Hurricane Irma, and  the flooding in Louisiana and Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve seen the beyond bleak photos of the East African Drought. We see the fleeing refugees. It is already happening, and yet…

Climate Change is the overarching, immediate issue that impacts all other issues. It affects the future of agriculture, food supply, water resources, air quality, economy, health care, migration, and human rights. It affects all of us and it does not recognize borders or walls.

Most climate scientists say we have 10 years to right the problem, and if we don’t the consequences are catastrophic for future generations.

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Letter from the Founder, John Rexer

We believe that at the door of your business your values should be exemplified and defended.

Ilegal Mezcal — the company — was founded in Guatemala.  Ilegal Mezcal — the liquor — is made in Oaxaca, Mexico by Oaxaqueños. The company is comprised of Mexicans, Guatemalans, Mexican Americans, an El Salvadoran American, a Venezuelan, an Ecuadorian, New Yorkers, Californians, an Alabamian, a Philadelphian … people from an array of ethnicities, cultures, and sexual orientations. We live, work, and play across borders.

We are too keenly aware of the issues of immigration, the refugee crisis, gender discrimination, racism and xenophobia.  These issues impact us, our friends, and our relatives. 

Demonizing groups of people will not solve any of this. Nor will building walls, whether brick by brick or sound bite by sound bite. Violence is certainly not the answer.  Finding commonality, exercising compassion, sharing an other’s custom, fighting for human dignity, engaging in civil discourse — these are good first steps.

Since the company began we have supported and contributed to a number of groups working to affect social change for the better. Below are some organizations that we are supporting to address humane immigration policy and gender equality.

Through the profits of our shop and fundraising efforts, Ilegal has donated $9,000 to Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project and The National Center For Transgender Rights. Thank you for your support.


John Rexer and The Entire Ilegal Mezcal Gang