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Love Your Neighbor. Love Your Planet.

Yeats wrote this just after WWI, as a mournful comment on the lack of action taken against the impending rise of Fascism. This line feels quite relevant today when it comes to Climate Change.

We are all aware of the wildfires in California, the devastation in Haiti caused by Hurricane Irma, and  the flooding in Louisiana and Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve seen the beyond bleak photos of the East African Drought. We see the fleeing refugees. It is already happening, and yet…

Climate Change is the overarching, immediate issue that impacts all other issues. It affects the future of agriculture, food supply, water resources, air quality, economy, health care, migration, and human rights. It affects all of us and it does not recognize borders or walls.

Most climate scientists say we have 10 years to right the problem, and if we don’t the consequences are catastrophic for future generations.

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